Mistakes to avoid while choosing recruitment firms in Dubai

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The highly competitive business environment of Dubai includes companies having an optimum amount of talent on board or not having it on board may be favourable or otherwise to the organizations’ success. Since the city economy is booming day-by-day along new sectors and industries, recruitment firms in Dubai the role of outstanding professionals has been greatly affected. This is where headhunting firms come in handy, adopting the role of a traffic chorus between the employers and the possible candidates. On the other hand, there are agencies that are on par with each other and taking the wrong one may result in a series of unnecessary disasters. The purpose of this article is to outline top ten mistakes that should be avoided while finding suitable recruitment firms in Dubai, hopefully, resulting in more successful hiring.

1. Undertaking an Investigation

One of the most common mistakes that employers usually make is that not all of them carry out a detailed investigation on recruitment companies’ background, certifications and success cases. Agencies of integrity must be uncompromising in disclosing the departments of their operation and showcasing their successes. Carry out authorities, membership in professional associations and to see both sides of the opinions arose from customer testimonials to make a judgment of their credibility and expertise.

2. Overlooking Industry Specialization

Not all departments are equally paying attention to recruitment agencies, certain industries or job functions. You may not get informed about the intricacies of requirements and particularities of your issue after you select a generalist organization. Instead of that, have those firms that operate in your sphere or there are teams that are specifically trained on the specific kind of sector of your business.

3. Not doing anything on Cultural Evaluation

The citizens of Dubai represent a melange of cultures, and you should ascertain whether applicants are in line with your enterprise’s value system and culture. On the other hand, a personnel agency that does not pay attention to cultural adaptability may introduce the candidates who are all-rounded technically constant to which their integration into your company’s culture is a problem, resulting in high turnover rates.

4. Disregarding Local Market Knowledge

Unlike other cities, Dubai has its form of a hire market setup owned by the town law and people who are able to work under it. It is equally important to note the need for an agency to know the local market well enough so that they can send job-seekers who are not fit to the job, over-price them at an unrealistic range, and possibly falter on compliance. Apart from having a local comprehension of such varying factors, recruitment firms need to ensure sourcing, candidate evaluation and staffing for organizations that are not just technically qualified but also fit in the specific modalities of the business environment in Dubai.

5. Neglecting to screen candidates properly

An HR firm’s prime function is to reach you up with candidates who are selected and tested for the job. On the other hand, it is tempting for certain institutions to conduct the candidate screening process whimsically which could cost them precious time and capital interviewing inappropriate people. Check with them about their screening methodology, probably, the background checks, skill assessment and the personality evaluation.

6. Ignoring Cost-Effectiveness

Although true that the price is not the single determining factor, ignoring the economic aspect of the business can seriously affect your monetary situation. Exorbitant fees or the hidden charges can be equally hurdling, down the road putting a strain on your budget for recruitment. Provide offers with transparent pricing and assess each company’s value proposition to avoid excessive cost associated with collaborations.

7. Neglecting Candidate Experience

Employees are not unique as individuals and they normally have alternatives at hand. Therefore any company that does not respect its workers and is perceived as a bad employer will be punished for having a bad brand as an employer. In these days of the cut throat talent marketplace, the applicant has the option of making a choice and a wrong one can create a negative recruitment experience which will do no good for an organization in terms of its brand name and reputation. A staffing agency that gives first priority to candidates’ experience by keeping them constantly communicated, valued, and treated with a one-step user-friendly application process will make it easy to recruit and engage the best of employees.

8. Ethical analyzes inadequacy

Recruitment of people to your company/business through unethical practices like discrimination, data privacy breaching and/or misrepresentation of job details can bring severe consequences to your organization. Consulting the ethical standards and practices adopted by the recruitment firm, there is a need to ensure that the rules and acts may not lead to the recruitment firm facing legality and brand damage.

9. Overlooking Technological Capabilities

In the age of digitalization, the use of the latest technology is what distinguishes successful HR firms and enables them to reduce the workload of the hiring process. Review organizations’ use of applicant tracking systems, online tests, and virtual interviews offerings to make sure that they are effective and cater well to the candidate’s experience.

10. Neglecting Long-term Partnership Potential

Recruitment as a constant process can be time and resources consuming. Handing over this element to a reliable partner can help you in the long run. There is a non-short-term venture to provide not only quality personnel, but also to give recommendations and develop solutions during your long-term work.


The right recruitment agency you select in Dubai can give your organization a critical edge it needs for success. Averting the peer-perceived ten hiring mistakes, recruitment agencies in Dubai are sure to make the best of the process, and, in the end, create a capable workforce that boosts your business to the next level. Recall that dealing with a recognized, seasoned and league top recruitment agency may relieve you of the time, money and resources that could be utilized otherwise for the growth of the corporation and enhance your company’s competitive edge to the dynamic Dubai market.

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